About Us

About us:

Hey, I’m Brian and spent nearly a decade in the Marine Corps before being medically retired in 2013.  After college, I worked on a chicken farm where I learned all sorts of cool things and learned I want to someday have my own small farm.  I love being a father to my girls, hunting, fishing and football.

Hi there! I’m Crystal and I am an HR Professional by day and a Piphany Stylist by night LOL.  As someone who spent years saying, “I’m never having kids” to being a mom to three little girls, I realized how important family is and how hard I was willing to work to give mine everything we want.  What does that mean to me?  It means homeschooling, it means having one parent home with the kids, it means setting goals and attaining them, it means recognizing opportunity and seizing it!  Some other fun facts about me include: I am a BTVS uberfan, I cannot eat my French fries one at a time, and I do not believe there is ever a reason to put jam in dessert.


About our business:

The Hiatt Hive was started when we (Crystal & Brian) decided that we wanted to create something better for ourselves.  Working for someone else’s dream took time away from our family.  That is when we found an opportunity that pulled us out of our comfort zone but allowed Brian to stay home full time with our three little ones.  On January 1, 2017, we submitted our contract to become independent business owners and haven’t looked back.   Since we started working with Piphany we have:

  • Realized our potential to attain the life we want.
  • Have been able to keep one parent home to raise and educate our children.
  • Helped other people start their journey to reaching their personal and professional goals.

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