How I Came To Be A Piphany Stylist

From Marine, to Chicken Farmer to Piphany Stylist

It all started on a chicken farm:

Business Opportunity
Pasture Raised Chicken

So after being medically retired from the Marine Corps and graduating college with a business degree, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life now that I was “grown-up”.  An opportunity to join a newly formed company presented itself, I thought, “Why not, it sounds like fun”, and I applied to be a chicken farmer at a local pasture raised chicken farm.  It turns out that over 100 people applied, but I somehow got the job despite not having a single day of experience working with livestock.  When I was hired Crystal was about two months pregnant, and it was clear early on that ownership was not happy about my new addition.  Two days before coming back from paternity leave I was told my hours were to be reduced by 75%, and two months later I was let go.  The story has much more to it, but that is for another discussion at another time.


Why we chose this business platform: 

Since being let go Crystal and I kept racking our brains on ways to supplement my lost income and allow me to stay home with our three little ones.  In Southern California, daycare is extremely expensive and for three kids would be more than our mortgage.  After a visit from Crystal’s mom, the world of shopping for clothes via Facebook was opened up to us.  At first, I was annoyed that Crystal kept staring at her phone of these women showing off clothes until I looked closer.  They were actually selling the items being shown.  I had no clue that shopping on your phone for clothes was a thing, but it got me thinking.  This was definitely something we could do together, and allow me to stay home with the girls and be an active participant in their upbringing.  After talking to a few consultants, we decided to submit our contract to become representative and sell these clothes online.


The queue that never answered: 

We became obsessed with watching current representatives selling their clothes, and taking notes on what we liked and what we did not.  When it came time for us to start our journey as business owners, we wanted to make sure we started on the right foot.  Crystal especially loved this period because she got to make lists, and lists make her happy.  She also had an excuse to buy clothes so that she could try out our future products and give an accurate review of what was to come.  After spending a couple weeks in the queue for a company and getting passed over, twice, we took that as a sign to look for a new opportunity.  We knew that this new method for shopping could be huge in the retail market, and did not want to give up on the opportunity or us to own our own business.


A YouTube search found us a home: 

After deciding to look elsewhere, Crystal found this opportunity with a small company named Honey & Lace which has rebranded itself to Piphany.  At the time, it only had a couple hundred consultants and we found who eventually would be our sponsor on YouTube.  For me, it was an easy choice because the quality of clothes was good, and the business opportunity of joining a company when it was relatively unknown had tremendous upside.  Getting in on the “ground floor” and having the ability to pave the way to the future we wanted was all the convincing I needed to get going.  We submitted our contract on January 1, 2017, so in less than two months I went from chicken farmer to fashion stylist.  Two polar opposites in the realm of professions, but I am a quick learner and felt that this was something we could do.  I had no idea at the time what challenges we were going to be faced with (like describing clothes or making a YouTube video), but with the support of a beautiful wife and the determination to give my family the life they deserved, nothing would stand in our way of success.


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